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Gas Safe Plumbers Improving Energy Efficiency
Gas Safe Plumbers tv on demand

Its time to take back control by installing a room thermostat where you are the boss by setting your desired temperature from the comfort of your sofa.

We recommend a wireless thermostat which gives you the freedom of placing it where convenient for you and not the installer.
Digital thermostats contain no mercury. Not only is this safer for you, it also helps the planet by eliminating tons of mercury which finds it way to landfills each year.

How does some extra cash sound?, well digital thermostats not only look good they do good for your heating to. Due to there precision and accuracy you can pinpoint the exact temperature in your home, by dropping it down by one degree this can cut your energy bills up to 10% per year.

Gas Safe Plumbers tv on demand
Gas Safe Plumbers mot
Gas Safe Plumbers mot

Giving your boiler a yearly MOT and some TLC goes a long way. An inefficient boiler could cost you up to 30% of your gas bill. Avoid any surprises and book your annual boiler service through the contact us page.

If your boiler is out of warranty that does not necessarily mean you need a brand new one. Keeping your boiler components clean and checked on a regular basis can pro-long the life avoiding any unexpected costs.

Gas Safe Plumbers Radiator TRV TRVs

A TRV (also known as a thermostatic radiator valve) controls the temperature of a room, this gives you control in turning down heat within rooms used less often.

Replacing a manual heating control with a TRV can reduce your heating bills by up to 17% a year.

Gas Safe Plumbers Radiator TRV TRVs

If you have any questions, or suspect that any gas appliance isn't working correctly, call us 24 hours on 01206 581 471.

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All major credit and debit cards accepted

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